About our company

MTKA Group of Companies; MTKA office all the Balkan countries, Turkey, United Arab Emirates office MTKA serve our valued customers in all Middle East countries. Companies of all kinds as the type of construction technique and the use of the building demolition debris transport services. Demolition sector is a sector that is very risky, the notion of a serious and adequate work experience in engineering required. MTKA started its operation does not make a concession from the day and hundreds of specialized technical staff in the business of business disciplines and the project was finalized başaryıla.
The acceleration of urban transformations in the world in recent years, an earthquake not earthquake-proof buildings in areas at risk and do not meet modern urbanism as a result of an uncontrolled increase in construction activities demolition oldukç has a speed. Turkey started its operation in MTKA Construction, demolition work was amateurish use of technology, is very inadequate safety measures observed and Demolition Sector Development in 2003 decision was taken. First, establish contacts with the world-renowned machine manufacturers, has acquired high-tech equipment. Each one has a separate corporate partners by the notion of Engineering, Demolition sector and innovations on methods developed, the industry provided significant contributions to technical work. made by our engineers, R - D efforts çökertmeli demolition method has been developed with the use of dynamite. This method was the subject of Turkey's national television news. Outstanding work has been developed rapidly in Turkey MTKA'nın demolition sector, has started the development of the sector in the United Arab Emirates.

      The goal is to become a global brand MTKA'nın demolition industry.